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August 10, 2012
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Conjuring The Bone Dragon Rainmeter Desktop by ionstorm01 Conjuring The Bone Dragon Rainmeter Desktop by ionstorm01
This desktop is set up in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The myth is that a wizard conjured the first dragon. This desktop reminds me of that HUGE mistake! Check out the tiny Mage at the bottom of the screen!

Since my first dragon post was such a huge hit I decided it was worth a follow up.

This desktop required modding almost all of the original skins changing the colors and adding background images. Thanks to bmf1990 [link] for his vision and artwork using his skins.

Credit goes to all the original designers for their hard work.

Wallpaper: [link]

Drives & G-Mail (Modded): [link]

Wifi (Modded): [link]

Network (Modded): [link]

Google Bar: [link]

System (Modded): [link] (This artwork made this desktop possible!)

Clock (Modded): [link]

Lyrics: [link]

CAD Player Skin called "JPS": [link]

Rocket Dock: [link]

Rocket Dock Icons:
White: [link]
Black: [link]

FAV's, credits and comments to myself and other artists appreciated!

If any one skin package fails to load, move the subfolder package out of the bone dragon folder to the main root directory. It's a variables issue. Keep in mind that I didn't create these skins. Just modified them for my own use. I am sure someone will come up with an off the wall comment about the coding so don't bother. I never intended to share these mods publicly.)

I recommend that you download the full skin package of each skin to benefit from their remarkable work!

Thank You!
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so i downloaded the file but if i want everything i download the other links
I don't have that file any more. YOu can always DL the entire packages from the links given in the description. Everything is there. Sorry.
Where is the download for the whole thing?
Sorry. I never kept the original zip I made of that collection. Only the .rmskin file. Zippy deletes files automatically after 30 days of no activity. That file had a good run with thousands of downloads. Just follow the links on this page and you can still get the collection or you can wait for my Sub-Zero release soon and those skins will work also for conjuring. :)
Cool, How many dragon backgrounds do you have, I'm kinda in love with the cycle feature on vista/7.
Bout 75 or more. I love dragons can't you tell? Some very awesome ones.
AWESOME!!! Have you done any wooly/fuzzy dragons? I have a OC I am trying to put together one is a white possibly hairy(not 100% on the hair) with a few horns. Also have another one its huge, black and has all kinds of disordered black spire/spines/spikes from back of the head to the tail.

and now I got ideas on it.... *digs through notes to write ie3das done* the voices always want to talk to to you when you are talking to someone else >>
Sounds nice but fuzzy cute dragons are not my thing. My idea of dragons are huge and ferocious fire breathers with scales. lol Are you looking for a dragon wall that I have or are you wanting to send me one and see if I can put a package together for you? I can give you my e-mail either way? If you want a package from me my plate is pretty full at the moment. Doing 2 at the same time. An outdoor hunting theme and a Sub-Zero theme. I have some ideas on a new "Targeting The Bone Dragon" theme but I haven't been happy with it. The popularity of that package deserves an outstanding release to measure up to my expectations.
Just wondering what you charge, I think with my designs not being clear just sketches will do. I can wait 6 months even be able to pay up front LOL just want to know what you can price it for.

He's not cute, not small a large noble dragon of white fur mixed with a bat and werewolf and something along with of this [link]

Only he's not on all fours but have large back legs and medium sized arms and hands. Size wise he can change it but generally the size is that of a 4 story 70X50 or so house, max size would be 5-10 times that of Bunta the huge summoned toad from Naruto.. IE he could easily eat 5X extra large Godzilla. LOL

I am torn about the wing design there is so much power in angel like wings but its been over used to death and then some ><

His human form is like Yoda only add a lot more cigar smoking drunken letch. LOL

The dark one is more like this

crossed with this guys horns,spikes.

Only his back,back of neck and back of shoulder is covered in them. Also like the new Godzilla jaw I think it would work for this OC.

Now imagine him the size of the moon, poorly tempered and like taking billion year naps.

He dose not have a human form he's more into destroying solar systems for kicks and galaxies when really pissed else he naps long enough for a moon or planet to form around him..

They have 4 or 6 horns on their heads in similar positions as One is DOL the Dragon of Light the culmination of creations wisdom and humor and DD (aptly named by DOL himself) Dragon of Darkness who is the culmination of Darkness' rage and hatred... and love of random narcoleptic long naps.
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